Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A good book and good friends and family

July 30, 2013
Day 64

Things have calmed down from some of the previous posts (although there will always be chaos in our lives, I think that's just the normal we have to adjust to!).  We took a vacation, had three birthdays, a pig pickin, scuba, softball, a double ear infection (mine!), started elementary school again (Erin), and lots of fun with friends.

God bless the grandparents (all 4!) for watching the kids and for dealing with the allergy scariness that was going on right as we had to leave town.  It helps to have family that will take good care of the kids (and the kids are getting easier as they get older, the no diapers thing has made travel SO MUCH EASIER) :)  P got a cool new book about food allergies from the grandparents which has generated a TON of questions and talk with the kids about allergies, so we are big fans.  If you have kids with food allergies, or friends with them, check out: The Bugabees, Friends With Food Allergies.  I think the preschool and elementary school may be getting copies of this too.

In allergy news, we upped the dose last week to 75mg, which is starting to look like a pretty decent amount of nut protein.  (no longer a wisp of powder in the cup).  That went well, and although he's a bit snotty this week (which can be a concern for a higher risk of reaction), he's doing well.  Zyrtec and his normal asthma meds seem to be keeping things under control.

The only day that I should have been really stressed was the pig picking, but thanks to a lot of good friends, some large allergy stickers/allergy bracelets, and some serious talks with the kids about not eating without mom and dad - we had no issues and I was way more relaxed than I usually get to be.  I hate big parties sometimes with lots of strangers and food.  It used to feel like all I did was follow him around like a puppy trying to protect him.  But times change, kids grow up, and friends step up (and tell us that they are watching too).  BTW, have I mentioned I love you guys?  The pig, the company, the food, the friends - awesome.  What more can we ask for?  We have a lot of great things in our lives.

If anyone has other good book recommendations for the kids about allergies, let me know - I see some options out there, but haven't read any of the others.

Thanks for following us on this journey.  Some other family and friends may soon be joining us on this roller coaster (with different food allergies), and I'm sure we will all have our times to be scared together.   But we can also celebrate DAY 64!!

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