Wednesday, September 4, 2013

100 days of mostly non-events

Sep 4, 2013
Day 100

It's been a while, but here's your status check on not so little Patrick.  2 weeks ago he was supposed to go up to 125mg, but he was fighting an infection (unrelated) and had a nasty cough and cold.  So we went to see the allergist as usual but they decided the safe course was to lower his dose for 2 weeks.  So we went back down to 75mg for 2 weeks.  Have to remind ourselves it's not a race, and that being safe is more important than doing this quickly.

Today is day 100!  And appropriately, we've gone back up to 100mg.

All is well, we're juggling lots of appointments (nothing new), and Patrick is bored at the allergist.  I'll take it.  Bored at the allergist is way better than excitement at the allergist.

We found out that Erin has a kid in her class with a severe peanut allergy, so she's getting only peanut safe snacks at school now too.  (the preschool is nut free).  Thankfully we already have a lot of that stuff for P, so it's not a big deal.  If she starts asking for peanut butter and jelly, we will get some wowbutter or sunbutter.  They keep using food as a reward for good behavior, so we went on amazon and bought some super cheap party favor stuff to donate to the goodie box.  I'd rather do that than have her always bringing home candy (half of which her brother can't have).

This is getting easier day by day, week by week, etc... The kids are more aware, we are more confident, and our circle of friends, schools, etc... that we feel are safe is always growing.

Happy summer everyone!

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