Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The applesauce doctor

Day 23 - June 19. 2013

Today was a little tough.  P's face is red, his eyes are puffy, and he clearly doesn't feel well.  It's a little scary when he constantly looks like he's on the border of an allergic reaction and you're giving him a known allergen.  He made it through the day ok (with some extra help from the nebulizer just to be safe).  After dinner he started rubbing his eyes really hard and his face was getting really red, so we gave him Benadryl and kept an eye on him.  We weren't at home or we would have tried the children's Zyrtec, but we don't carry that with us.  I told him he might have to go to the doctor tomorrow and he replied, "But not the applesauce doctor, the OTHER doctor".  :) Poor kid sees a few too many doctors, but that was really funny.  I'll have to tell the allergist next Tuesday that he is known as the applesauce doctor.

All is well, just had to share the applesauce doctor and that it's worrisome when he's puffy already to give him his dose of walnut powder.  But... we have friends who just posted that their little girl is now officially peanut allergy free!!!  (After ~4 years in the Duke/UNC trials).  They are thrilled and have been through a lot to get there, but it's so great to see a success story with people that we know for nut desensitization.  There is hope for us too.  (And maybe one day this will be an FDA approved treatment!)

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