Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just how small is 6 milligrams of walnut?

It is hard to wrap your head around what 6 milligrams of walnut looks like so here is a photo.  This is the dosage that Patrick took for the first two weeks.

And here is a 12mg dosage, this is what he started on today and will be on for the next two weeks.

I've never weighed a walnut but according to joepiebaker on cheftalk.com they normally weigh between 18 to 23 grams but about half of that weight is in the shell.  Just to make the math easy let's say a walnut weighs 10 grams.  So Patrick's 6mg dosage for the first two weeks was 0.0006 of a walnut per day.  At that rate it would take him about 4 1/2 years to eat one walnut!  That is a really small dosage.

This on the other hand is a ginormous amount of walnuts.
My best guess is there are about 12000 walnuts in that photo. At 6mg a day it would take 54,000 years to eat all of those :)

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