Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 9

June 5, 2013
Today was pretty easy - again no complaints/arguments about the morning dose.  We had a speech appointment during the two hour window so I was keeping a close eye on him.  He kept scratching his lower arm and said he had a mosquito bite, but I saw a lot of bumps on his upper arm and was a bit nervous.  There were no other symptoms or signs of alarm.  And after two hours the little bumps were still there (and he did indeed have a mosquito bite on his lower arm).

That being said, we also have had a minor change in laundry detergent - the bumps were ONLY under his shirt.  So we'll be switching back to the slightly different detergent we had before and keeping an eye on that.  

All is well - day 9 is in the books. :)

Interesting pubmed article about cross-reaction incidence for hazelnut, walnut, and pecan (interesting those are the ONLY three he reacts to on the RAST blood tests).  I knew walnut and pecan were in the same genetic "family", but was surprised to see the link to hazelnuts.

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