Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 7

June 3rd
Wow - it's really been a week??  We are taking the daily dose with breakfast and getting no complaints or arguments over it.  Big sister helpfully told little brother that he was eating walnuts this morning and we had to do some backpedaling.  We don't want either of them to think that he can go out and eat a walnut.  She's technically correct, but we've been telling him it's medicine to help with his allergies.  She might get the difference, but I don't think he does.  Thankfully all is going well.  We're still on the 6mg dose and will stay at this level for another week.  The grandparents didn't have any problem dosing him over the weekend (THANK YOU!) and we've seen nothing in the 2 hour window after each dose.  His teachers at preschool are also keeping a close eye out and we're letting them know on school days what time the "window" closes.  I know it makes them a little nervous, but we are all adjusting to the new normal.  Of course now he's about to transition to a new class at school - so we'll have these conversations again with the new teachers.  Folks have generally been very supportive, if a little nervous.   (Trust me we understand!)  Slow and steady is the plan moving forward.

The weekend off for a wedding was just what mom and dad needed.  Just breathe - and adjust every day (and always) to the new normal.  Find the good in your life and let that be your joy.  It's already there if you look for it.

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