Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 29 - 25mg

June 25th, 2013

Back to the allergist today (or as P says "the applesauce doctor").  The puffy eyes and face from the cold last week are fading out slowly, which is a relief.  The new higher dose of the walnut protein is 25mg (for the next two weeks).  I can't believe we're at a month already of our desensitization program, and the dose is more than 4x where we began.

The doc told me that if we ever again have concerns about his asthma (last week) - not to dose him but to call them for a sanity check.  If he IS having an asthma flare, he needs to not take a dose then.  (The risk of causing breathing problems is too great).  Good to know.  He never wheezed last week but he had a nasty cold for a bit there and a puffy face.

In the news - there is always new research and articles on different trials - this one is pretty neat for those with peanut allergies.  A patch would be pretty easy to cope with for desensitization! Peanut patch could save lives.  A neighbor sent that over and I thought I'd pass it on.  I'm still really excited that our friend's child has been declared peanut allergy free after 4 years in the Duke/UNC trials.

It seems I'm finding (or folks will send them over) a new article every day.  Canada is apparently a good travel destination for allergy sufferers, and Air Canada is the first airline to have peanut free buffer zones on planes (by government order, which I find startling).   Can't say I'd pick a destination based on allergens right now, but if we were allergic to peanuts that might be a different story.  If you had to pick something NOT to be allergic to, peanuts are pretty high on my list.  Milk, eggs, and soy would be hard to avoid, but at least most of those folks don't react to it being in the air around them.

So all is well, there are good studies and trials coming along, it is going to take forever, but one day there will be standard courses of treatment for these severe food allergies.  There have been a staggering number of people coming through the allergist's office this morning for allergy shots today too.  Never had to do that, but I'm sure they are unfamiliar with our applesauce mixed with allergen routine too :)

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