Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 26 - asthma update and what in the world is a filbert?

The good news is that little man seems to be improving with the puffy eyes and allergy symptoms.  Still has a meaty cough but that will probably take longer.  The great news is that there has been no trace of wheezing.  Hooray for the QVAR inhaler!  That's two colds down since we started that medicine daily, and I think I'm a believer now that we have the asthma under control!  No more emergency trips to the peds office and urgent care? (ok maybe I'm being a little optimistic?)

No reactions to the walnut doses but we're still watchful every morning for the two hours after his dose.

We were checking labels this morning and found that hazelnuts can be listed as filberts (Arnold's bread), which I had never seen before (at least it listed both).  Add that to the mental checklist of things we can't eat/have on hand...

Enjoying some quiet time in the morning with friends waiting for the rain to let up - we have fishing in our future if the winds don't stir up too much.  Else we might be shore fishing :)

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