Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 15 - upping the dose

June 11th, 2013

Back to the allergist today to up the dose.  Almost forgot this morning I had the 6mg dose out before I realized I can't give that to him today.  Routines...

Little boys get bored fast in rooms at doc offices.  He was zooming around the room wearing a cape on the rolling stool again, pushing off the walls and furniture.  We got to "drive" around the room for a while on the stool and then distracted with toys.

Today's dose (and the new daily dose) was 12mg.  We both got bored but we can leave after 2 hours or so.  Grateful that we were bored :)

We discussed the excema but no one is really concerned.  He's always had a mild case of it and this seems a little more than normal but nothing to worry over.

Will add another photo of super p later - cant seem to add it from the phone interface

This was superhero P zooming around the room.  It was a long morning at the allergist - but better to be bored than excited there.  2 weeks until we go back to up the dosage!

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