Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 1.5

[husband of the blog owner speaking here]
My wife tackled the first day of the desensitization program at the allergist office and I was on deck to tackle the second. I sent this email to my team at work to let them know about the desensitization program we were putting our son through.  My wife said I should post this on her blog since it shows a different perspective.

"We’re starting our son a 2 year walnut desensitization program for his walnut allergy so I’ll be working from his allergist office tomorrow morning.  They grind up very very tiny amounts of walnut (like 1/100th of a walnut) into powder form and then mix it in with applesauce to get kids to eat it.  We give him this powder concoction every day for 2 weeks then go back to the Dr’s office where they try an increased amount, assuming he doesn’t react then we give him that amount for the next 2 weeks….over and over again for 2 years until he can eat a reasonable number of walnuts without going into anaphylactic shock.

Once that is over we tackle pecans (another 2 years) and then hazelnuts (another 2 years).  So I’ll be working from the allergist office roughly one morning a month for the next 6 years :) "

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