Friday, June 28, 2013

And then there was joy...

Day 32
We're learning bit by bit how this works (and what we've done wrong like pre-dosing with albuterol last week).  But as stressful as this has been (especially in the beginning), there has also been a gradual building up of hope and a joy that we're doing something to protect our little guy, long before he has the ability to do it for himself.

Some awesome things this week that are related to food allergies:

  • No reactions to the new higher dose (25mg) - yay!
  • Big sister ordered ice cream for herself and her brother at ChickFilA (by herself)
  • She grilled the guy at the counter to find out if the ice cream cone was safe (and then brought me a list of the ingredients)  - she was super proud or herself!  (Don't tell her we already knew they were safe, it was a really good experience for her!)
  • The peanut patch article from the UK has thrilled a lot of peanut allergy parent friends.  It's great to see hope in ourselves and other people.
  • Random friends have asked to use the auvi-Q and epi pen trainers to make sure they have a clue how to use one if it's ever needed for an adult or child.  (people with no food allergies).  This touched my heart because they want to protect our kids and other friends.  I had no idea how many people I knew who do have an allergy of some sort until this year.
  • We're figuring out how to keep the epinephrine for outdoor summer activities - this is a PITA but can be managed.  (cool packs, but not ice packs).  It can't be too hot OR too cold.  Big Pharma friends please come up with some sort of seriously shelf stable epinephrine!  We put the cool pack around the injectors and then put that in a waterproof bag, in the very top of a cooler or outside pouch and keep it in the shade.  At least we found a way to make it work. :)  And that means more times fishing, or on boats, in the ocean, at the beach, softball games, etc... and outside time is good!
So be grateful for the joyful moments.  Revel in them.  Share them.  We spend enough time scared, let it go and soak in the good moments.

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