Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 2

May 29th
Today the hubby took him back over there for 2 hours and he got one 6 milligram dose. They kept him for a few hours (til lunchtime) and then he took him home for a nap.  All went well, they checked on him often and he was fine today.

Now we have a ziploc bag full of doses for the next two weeks in little sealed condiment cups.  We will mix applesauce into them and feed them to him once a day and keep an eye on him for 2 hours following each dose.  Day 2 is a little less nerve racking than day 1.  Well poor dad had to deal with a pee accident in the allergist's office, but they both survived.

We're looking forward to figuring out what our new normal will be, we aren't there yet. But the stress levels are slowly coming down.  

Very grateful for good friends and family who are checking in and keeping us sane.  And some new friends in the allergy world.  People don't always get how stressful this can be.  There have been a few folks who felt like their place in the world was to tell us how we shouldn't be doing this.  Wow.  This is our child, our decision.  We view this as long term life insurance in a sense.  And it's our choice, our pocketbook taking the hit.  Be scared for us.  But don't impose your opinion in a vehement way on a hot topic.  You wouldn't do it at work, don't do it to your friends.

The week is slowly looking up.  Keep breathing.

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