Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 3

May 30
Day 3! So today was the first day with no office visit.  We gave him the 6mg dose at about 7:30 and I waited as late as possible to drop him off at preschool.  We saw no signs of a reaction at home and we talked to the front desk staff and his teacher to make sure they knew what to look out for.  He's about to move up to the next class at school so we will probably be explaining this again soon.  His current teachers adore him and I know they were nervous this morning.  They are very sweet!  He was doing just fine so I left him at school around 9.  The window is about two hours to observe him for symptoms.  This was his first day at school this week so he wasn't sure what was going on.  He was fine with me leaving once he got some hugs and tickles from his teacher.  He's such a little ham!

We are going to keep at this dosing level for about two weeks,, so there will be less posts for a bit unless there is anything of interest.  The grandparents are going to have to handle this for a few days, I hope the kids make it easy on them!  It's just hard to leave with the long list of instructions and what if scenarios.  I feel like this week has been an echo of "Five o'clock and all's well!"  The calm is coming back a little at a time.

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